Hiding under the bed when the thunder comes

The air seems thick and crackling here

The whistling wind whispers fear                 

The drum beat echoes ‘cross the sky

The marching flags rippling high

The crack and tear of musket shot

The howling cry of those forgot

The crash of cannon streaks the night

The darkness cloaks this greatest fight

The distant ringing of steel on stone

The jarring snap of trees and bones

The endless march forever forwards

The sudden crash of clashing swords

The wrenching scream pushes them on

The timeless battle ne’er to be won

The rolling war of earth and sky

Comes in a flash then passes by

We venture out with trepidation

To witness the wake it’s of desolation

The battleground lies strewn with leaves,

Broken furniture and fallen trees

Moment 1

The rise and the fall

It waits for us all

We try and pretend

That this is the end

But the rise and the fall

Goes on


Darkest Night

Harken forth the ravens cry

Screeching out the great goodbye

The path from here grows winding faint

Footsteps have not trod of late

The twists and turns that it may take

Are hallmarked by forgotten fate

The falling leaves scatter cloudy dreams

Then gather together in twisted streams

The apple tree withered bears no fruit

Rotten core means rotten roots

No light shall guide the traveller here

This path is marked by hope and fear

There is no way to reach the end

It stretches onwards round every bend

The trees reached up and steal the light

Forever the forest in darkest night


Do not despair, when all around you see darkness

You only see the darkness, because you are walking in the light.

The Fairie Forest

There is a place not far from here

Where streams babble then disappear

And the softly swaying old fir trees

Whisper secrets through their leaves

Hidden paths lead the way

Through sunlit beam and dust ballet

To a place time has long forgot

Where grass grows tall with swishy tops

And Fairies live between the roots

Of twisted trees and new born shoots




Fallen leaves scatter

Before my wellington boots

Gone until next year


Swirling snowflakes fall

Dance to winters symphony

Then drift into night


Sleepy flowers wake

A warmer sun arises

New born leaves unfurl


Lie in gold fields

Let the lazy clouds drift by

Days that never end



I Stand Alone

I stand alone atop this hill

Looking out at what once was

And is no more

The bustle and hustle of every day

Faded into dust

Paths forged by footsteps

Over grown and long forgot


I stand alone atop this hill

Where many stood

And stand no more

Where life flowed and flourished

Then trickled away

Leaving houses and homes

Just piles of stones


I stand alone atop this hill

Where the silence deafens with absence

Surrounds you and swallows you whole

And if you listen, if you really listen

You can hear them

The chatter and swell of daily life

What was and is no more



The Beach

The sea swayed and waved

Come and play with me

Come and splash

Down by the sea

Build sand castle

Moats and forts galore

Build up the defences

All along the shore

Rock pools and fishes

Bucket and net

Balance on the rocks

Don’t slip and get wet

Streams and rivers

Line them with mud

Guide them with sticks

Flowing like they should

Come and jump in

Cannon ball

Make a huge splash

Soak us all

Gather up shells

Yellows and blues

Sand in your toes

Sand in your shoes

Hair full of salt

Sunburnt lines

Playing at the beach

The best sort of times



The Butterfly

The butterfly gave a sigh

“Oh my oh my,” said the butterfly

“This cauliflower seemed so appealing before

But I don’t like one bit anymore”

The butterfly gave a sigh

“Why oh why,” thought the butterfly

“Did I wrap myself up oh so tight

In a place I don’t even like one mite”

The butterfly gave a sigh

But by and by, said the butterfly

I will spread my wings

And touch the sky



Sky Whales

Have you ever wondered why it snows?

Where it comes from and where it goes?


Why it never decides to stay?

And where it ends up when it goes away?


Snow clouds are such magical things

Whales of the sky with wintery wings


They cover the land in a magical dust

Blown by the wind in a wintery gust


Over hills and cities onward they fly

Chasing the sun out of the sky


Waves of thick snow crash to the ground

In a flurry and hurry they dance all around


Each year they travel this enchanted sea

That fills the sky as white as can be


As they make this journey so hard and long

Together they sing their sky whale song


A mournful duet of ice and snow

That follows them where ever they go


They fly to their distant forgotten home

Where sky whales live and are free to roam